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Breast Lift in Colombia

Breast lift, or mastopexy, surgery raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.

As all women know, breasts are body features that resist our individual efforts to improve them. Genetics determine their characteristics much more than diet and exercise do. And so far, no medication or topical treatment has been invented that will truly influence the shape or size of your breasts. Perhaps worst of all, unless you have very small breasts and extraordinary skin tone, your breasts will continue to drop lower and lower on your chest. For these reasons and more, women from Colombia, the Caribbean region, and the United States consider breast lift at our practice.

Breast Lift in Colombia - Premium Care Plastic Surgery

Many of our breast lift patients have watched helplessly as their breasts slowly migrate south while losing volume and shape. Age, significant weight fluctuation, and having children considerably affect skin laxity and breast structure causing your breasts to sag. No amount of diet or exercise – nor creams or pills – can tone and shape your breasts. Instead of being round and perky, your breasts may become broad and flat, but supporting the breasts in a bra may only accentuate the skin wrinkles in the cleavage area. For these problems, a breast lift in Cartagena is the optimal treatment.

Breast lift surgery may provide the enduring solution you seek. Depending on your skin laxity, volume of breast tissue, and desired outcome, a custom procedure will be crafted to lift and firm your breasts. All breast lifts require external incisions – while some scars will remain, breast lift patients find that the improved breast shape is well worth the tradeoff. Sometimes the areola becomes enlarged over time, and a breast lift will reduce this as well. A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure with a breast profile that is youthful and uplifted.

Breast Lift in Colombia - Premium Care Plastic Surgery - Periareolar Donut Technique
Breast Lift in Colombia - Premium Care Plastic Surgery - Vertical (Lollipop) Technique
Breast Lift in Colombia - Premium Care Plastic Surgery - Inverted Technique

There is something you can do about it. You can choose to have a breast lift (mastopexy) in the Cartagena area with Dr. Alex Campbell and Dr. Carolina Restrepo at Premium Care Plastic Surgery in Colombia. Their surgical techniques give their patients natural, effective, long-lasting results with minimal complications and risks. Their innovative approach, and personal approach to patient care, can have you sporting a perky profile once again.

The breast lift surgery is an area of expertise for our plastic surgeons at Premium Care in Colombia. Our patient population reflects a cross-section residents from the United States, Europe, and Latin America, and we have a broad range of experience with different ages, ethnicities, and sizes of patients

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Breast Lift in Colombia - Premium Care Plastic Surgery


About Breast lift in Colombia

Breast shapes vary greatly, and patients need individualized plans for optimal breast lift results. Operating on thousands of breasts has allowed our plastic surgeons at Premium Care to refine their techniques for achieving consistently beautiful results. Our surgeons evaluate each patient as an individual and listen closely to their concerns and goals. Then, they apply their skills to each of their breast lift cases to attain the beautiful, natural shape patients have been longing for with breast lift surgery in Cartagena.


Some of the key decisions you’ll make together with your surgeon include the technique and resulting scars, and whether to use an implant or not. Every person is different, and we will develop a plan that is right for you.



The position and size of the areola are important considerations when we evaluate a patient for a breast lift in Colombia. Typically it’s necessary to raise the nipple to a more youthful position. Often we make the areola smaller to achieve optimal proportions with the newly tight and perky breast.



Breast lift surgery in Colombiadoes not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breast. If you want your breasts to look fuller, consider breast lift and breast augmentation surgery. If you want smaller breasts, consider combining breast lift and breast reduction surgery.


Ready to move forward with your breast lift? Why not plan to meet with one of our plastic surgeons soon? You can receive a consultation online or call us at (+57) 312 545 5569 in Cartagena and (+1) 305 8481909 in United States to schedule an appointment.   Finding affordable plastic surgery for the breasts you have dreamed is easier than you might think.  We have numerous plastic surgery financing options available.



There are several key decisions that must be made in planning a breast lift in Colombia. Breast shapes and patient goals vary widely. The surgical plan for a breast lift should be customized to the patient’s particular body shape and desires. The best way to understand your options is by having a thorough consultation with our plastic surgeons at Premium Care.


The traditional breast lift technique involves removing the excess skin and tissue, sliding the nipple and underlying breast tissue into a higher position, and closing the edges of skin on the lower breast. While the traditional lift may initially improve the breast shape, its weakness is that only the skin supports the lifted breast after surgery. The breast tissue is pushed upward by the skin rather than the breast tissue itself being attached in a lifted position. With only the skin lifting the breast, it’s difficult to create an ideally shaped breast that is well-supported in the long term.



Many of our breast lift patients do not require implants. This is because we use advanced techniques which allow us to achieve the effect of a small implant using the woman’s own tissue. It’s a big advantage for those who want more upper breast fullness without an actual increase in breast volume. However, for patients who want bigger breasts, combining breast augmentation with a lift is probably the best choice.



The incision locations vary depending on the goal of the breast lift. One of our areas of specialization is minimizing the incisions needed to create a significant improvement for the patient. The basic choices for breast implant scar location include the following:



The crescent lift results in a semicircular scar that is camouflaged at the upper aspect of the areola. The crescent lift may provide up to 2 centimeters of elevation of the areola. It is best for small lifts or cases where symmetry may be improved by adjusting one or both areolas.


The circumareolar lift results in a scar that is camouflaged around the outer aspect of the areola. It allows adjustment in the size and position of the areolas, but does not provide much lift for the lower portion of the breast.


The lollipop breast lift has a scar that is concealed around the circumference of the areola, as well as a vertical scar on the lower portion of the breast. This procedure gives a significant amount of lift to the lower portions of the breast, as well as the nipple. It allows us to transform a droopy and “boxy” breast into a round and perky breast.


The inverted-T scar, or anchor scar, is essentially the lollipop with an additional
incision underneath the breast. This procedure allows us to maximize the amount of lift and treat substantial droopiness of the breast. It is most commonly used for women who have a large amount of excess breast skin, typically after significant changes in breast size following breastfeeding or weight loss.



When you request your consultation at Premium Care Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons will take the time to discuss all aspects of breast lift surgery in depth, and answer any questions you may have. To take the next step, call us at (+57) 312 545 5569 in Cartagena  and (+1) 305 8481909 in United States or use our convenient online form to request a consultation online.

Consultation & Preparation


Breast lift surgery is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image.


  • You are physically healthy and maintain a stable weight
  • You do not smoke
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts sag, have lost shape and volume
  • Your breasts have a flatter, elongated shape or are pendulous
  • When unsupported, your nipples fall below the breast crease
  • Your nipples and areolas point downward
  • You have stretched skin and enlarged areolas
  • One breast is lower than the other


The best way for patients to understand their options is in a thorough consultation at Premium Care Plastic Surgery. In our approach to breast augmentation, communicating with our patient is key. We will carefully review your medical history and breast evaluation questionnaire before the initial consultation.


Our plastic surgeons will explain how the different procedures may apply to you specifically, and what we recommend for your particular case. We’ll also demonstrate the result I’d expect with each of the procedure options. For some patients, we may recommend that breast lift be combined with a breast augmentation or breast reduction.


The breast lift surgery is an area of expertise for our plastic surgeons at Premium Care. Our patient population reflects a cross-section of residents from the United States, Europe, and Latin America and we have a broad range of experience with different ages, ethnicities, and sizes of patients


  • Why you want the surgery, your expectations and desired outcome
  • Your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments
  • Previous surgeries
  • Use of current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, and tobacco


After we gain an understanding of what the patient wants, we then proceed to the examination. We consider many features including breast volume, width, height, nipple position, areola size, ribcage curvature, skin tone, droopiness, asymmetry, and crease position. Breasts are highly variable, and we help the patient understand what their best options are based on their physical characteristics.


  • Take photographs for your medical record
  • Discuss your options and recommend a course of treatment
  • Discuss likely outcomes of tummy tuck and any risks or potential complications


Ready to move forward with your breast lift in Colombia? Why not plan to meet with one of our plastic surgeons soon? You can receive a consultation online or call us at (+57) 312 545 5569 in Cartagena and (+1) 305 8481909 in United States to schedule an appointment.



Premium Care Plastic Surgery encourages you to take a few simple steps in preparation for your breast lift procedure. Following the steps presented below will make your recovery from surgery as safe, short and relaxing as possible.

Your surgeon will provide you with a list of specific steps you should take leading up to your procedure. This list might include limiting your use of certain medications, alcohol and cigarettes, and minor changes in your grooming habits. These changes are temporary but very important to your comfort and safety.


  • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Stop smoking well in advance of surgery
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding
  • What to do on the day of surgery
  • The use of anesthesia during your breast lift
  • Post-operative care and follow-up
  • Medications to purchase and bring with you on the day of surgery.


A patient’s final result will be enhanced through active participation in preparing for breast surgery. Patients considering breast lift need to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet to prepare for surgery.


Smoking increases the risks of many potential complications of surgery and should be avoided. Patients who smoke should stop at least two months before surgery, but even then they are still at increased risk when compared to non-smokers. Nicotine patches or gum are also associated with increased complications and should not be used in preparation for surgery.


Preparing your home before your procedure will help ensure a safe and relaxing recovery. If your procedure will impact your ability to stand or walk for long periods, or reach high places, you may want to prepare meals in advance and move kitchen items out of cupboards and onto the counter. Having a phone, medications and other necessities on a night stand or side table will keep you from having to get up and down. Having extra pillows and blankets already on your bed or couch can also keep you comfortable. If you have pets or children, you should make sure someone is available to care for them while you are recuperating.


On the day of your surgery, we ask that you wear no jewelry or make-up and avoid deodorant, skin lotions and perfume. We recommend warm, loose fitting clothing, such as pajamas or sweat pants with thick socks or slippers to prevent the chills commonly experienced after surgery. Please inform your surgeon if you have a cold, sore throat, active allergies or an open cut or sore on the day of your breast lift.


You’ll need help. Arrange for someone to drive you to and from surgery and to stay with you for at least the first night following surgery. Effective planning prior to undergoing liposuction can make your recovery as brief and relaxing as possible.


To take the next step, arrange a personal consultation with Premium Care Plastic Surgery at by calling (+57) 312 545 5569 in Cartagena and (+1) 305 8481909 in United States or use our convenient online form to request a consultation online.

Procedure & Recovery


What happens during breast lift surgery? Your mastopexy surgery can be achieved through a variety of


  • Breast size and shape
  • The size and position of your areolas
  • The degree of breast sagging
  • Skin quality and elasticity as well as the amount of extra skin

Medications are administered for your comfort during breast lift surgery. We generally perform breast lift surgery under general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.


  • Semicircle at Upper Border of Areola (Crescenteric)
  • Around the areola (Circumareolar Lift)
  • Around the areola and vertically down from the areola to the breast crease (Lollipop Lift)
  • Around the areola, vertically down from the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease (Anchor Lift)
  • The underlying breast tissue is lifted and reshaped to improve breast contour and firmness.
  • The nipple and areola are repositioned to a natural, more youthful height.
  • If necessary, enlarged areolas are reduced by excising skin at the perimeter.
  • Excess breast skin is removed to compensate for a loss of elasticity.

Depending on your individual breast volume and position, as well as your goals and desires, a breast augmentation or breast reduction may be combined with your breast lift for optimal results.



After your breasts are reshaped and excess skin is removed, the remaining skin is tightened as the incisions are closed. Some incision lines resulting from breast lifts are concealed in the natural breast contours; however, others are visible on the breast surface. Incision lines are permanent, but in most cases will fade and significantly improve over time. Sutures are layered deep within the breast tissue to create and support the newly shaped breasts. Sutures, skin adhesives and/or surgical tape may be used to close the skin.



The results of your breast lift surgery are immediately visible. Over time, post-surgical swelling will resolve and incision lines will fade. Satisfaction with your new image should continue to grow as you recover and realize the fulfillment of your goal for breasts, which have been restored to a more youthful and uplifted position


If breast lift sounds right for you, arrange a personal consultation with Premium Care Plastic Surgery in Colombia by calling us at (+57) 312 545 5569 in Cartagena and (+1) 305 8481909 in United States, to use our convenient online form to book a consultation online.



Recovery from a breast lift in Colombia tends to be swift because the surgery does not involve the underlying muscles, bones or internal organs. After your breast lift procedure is completed, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions. You’ll need to wear an elastic bandage or support bra to minimize swelling and support your breasts as they heal. A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect after breast lift surgery.


Although many factors are involved with determining your actual recovery time for breast lift, you will likely experience a post-surgical recovery period of 24 to 48 hours and an additional reduced-activity period of a few days. You may experience mild soreness and swelling for a few weeks. Exercise and normal activity can resume at the direction of your plastic surgeon. Over time, post-surgical swelling will decrease and incision lines will fade.


  • A few days to recover before returning to work
  • A month for the incisions to heal so that the patient may resume exercise
  • A year for the scars to fade to a subtle, pale color
  • How to care for your breasts following breast lift surgery
  • Medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection
  • When to follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Following your physician’s instructions is key to the success of your surgery. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion, or motion during the time of healing. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself.



The results of your breast lift surgery will be long lasting. You will find it easier to wear certain styles of clothing and swimwear. Like many women who have had breast lift, you may also have a boost in self-confidence.


For more information on breast lift surgery in Colombia, request a consultation online or call us at (+57) 312 545 5569 in Cartagena and (+1) 305 8481909 in United States.

Vocabulalry & FAQ's

Breast Lift in Colombia: Words to Know

Areola: Pigmented skin surrounding the nipple.
Breast augmentation: Also known as augmentation mammaplasty, breast enlargement by surgery.
Breast lift: Also known as mastopexy; surgery to lift the breasts.
Breast reduction: Also known as reduction mammaplasty, reduction of breast size by surgery.
Excision: To remove the skin.
General anesthesia: Drugs and/or gases used during an operation to relieve pain and alter consciousness.
Hematoma: Blood pooling beneath the skin.
Intravenous sedation: Sedatives administered by injection into a vein to help you relax.
Local anesthesia: A drug injected directly to the site of an incision during an operation to relieve pain.
Mammogram: An x-ray image of the breast.
Mastopexy: Surgery to lift the breasts.
Sutures: Stitches used by surgeons to hold skin and tissue together.


What is a breast lift in Colombia?
A breast augmentation means only one thing: enlargement of the breast. But “breast lift” is a general term that applies to a number of very different procedures, all of which have in common some removal of breast skin, which thereby tightens and reshapes the breast. It can be just a reduction of the areola size; a slight upward repositioning of the nipple and areola; tightening a slightly loose breast that has just collapsed but not actually gone south; reshaping a misshapen breast; projecting a “pancaked” breast; and lifting a breast that has fallen low.


Who is a candidate for a breast Lift in Colombia?
A breast lift is appropriate for patients who need tightening or reshaping of their breasts and who are in good health for an elective procedure.


What are the most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to get a breast lift?
Scars, scars, and scars. It is a trade-off of scars. vs. shape. Would you rather be higher, perkier or better shaped with scars, or as you are now without scars? Two women with the identical breasts may feel that different options are most appropriate for them. There are of course the usual risks of surgery such as infection, but the scar issue is the one that women considering a lift most struggle with.


Why are there different types of breast lift procedures?
Since there is nearly an infinite number of ways in which a breast can need tightening, lifting, or reshaping, there needs to be many types of breast lifts. Breast lifts have also been devised for the purpose of reducing the total length of scars, though some of these procedures fail to be able to lift or reshape as much, and though the scar will be shorter, each inch of the scar may be thicker.


What is a “lollipop” or “vertical” lift?
In a vertical lift, there is a scar around the nipple and straight down from the bottom of the breast to the crease under the breast. It differs from the anchor lift by not having the horizontal scar under the breast. It is really a misnomer to call this a vertical lift. Though the scar is vertical, by definition it narrows the breast horizontally. Only a horizontal scar shortens and lifts in the vertical direction. Just think of a dart on a dress. Tucking it will narrow the dress horizontally, but only removing fabric at the hem will shorten the dress vertically. This method has become increasingly popular due to patient requests for shorter scars. But it often creates an overly pointy breast; sometimes it leaves the distance between the nipple and the bottom of the breast too long; the scar often needs revision, sometimes including the horizontal scar meant to be avoided; and though the total scar length is less than with an anchor lift, inch by inch the scar is often worse because the vertical breast lift requires bunching of skin on each side in order to only have a vertical scar.


What is a Crescent Lift?
A crescent lift is a largely abandoned lift in which there is a scar from about 9 O’clock up and around to about 3 O’clock. At its best it only raises the nipple a small amount, perhaps tilting up just a bit a nipple that is tending to point down. However it invariably results in some enlargement of the upper half of the areola, and some degree of elongation and ovalization of the areola, which most women find disagreeable. When a patient only needs a slight upward tilt of their areola, usually today a donut lift is done because there are few women in this situation who wouldn’t prefer the scar to go all the way around the areola in order to create a smaller and rounder areola.


What is a Circumareolar or Donut Lift?
A donut lift is a scar only around the areola. It works for reduction of the size of the areola, slight vertical repositioning of the areola, and reducing a slightly lax breast that is not also very droopy. It is very limited in what it can do. By its nature this procedure reduces an overly projecting or pointy breast. In fact, we often use this technique in “tuberous” or other types of overly projecting breasts in an effort to flatten them out a bit. But it will also flatten the front of breasts that do not need flattening, which can be an unattractive appearance. Many patients ask for this lift because they want shorter scars, but it is important to understand that this technique is limited in what it can accomplish in larger or heavier breasts.


What is a Full Pattern, Inverted T, Wise Pattern or Anchor breast lift in Colombia?
This is the classic, time-tested way to do a breast lift. The scar is around the nipple, straight down from the bottom of the areola to the crease under the breast, and across the crease under the breast. This allows the greatest degree of skin reshaping because it is separately adjustable in both the vertical and horizontal direction. It can remove the most skin in the loosest breasts, and raise the lowest of nipples. Though it has the greatest length of scar, the scar quality is usually the best of all the methods of breast lift. It has been and remains the most commonly done breast lift technique.


Other than location and length, is the scar quality the same for all lifts?
The quality of the scars varies widely with all of these lifts. When skin is carefully tailored and sewn together, with equal lengths of skin on each side and no bunching, the skin heals very nicely. But the vertical lift and the donut lift by their nature absolutely require some degree of bunching. This pleating results in a bit wider or thicker of a scar. Sometimes a slight starburst kind of appearance can be seen with the donut lift emanating from the scar as little radial lines. This does not mean that these methods are bad; it just means that one must consider not just the length of the scar but the quality of the scar. Oftentimes – but not always – a breast lift with a longer scar that is of a better quality is less conspicuous than a breast lift with a shorter scar of lesser quality.


How do you decide which breast lift to do?
We make the decision together with the patient. Sometimes there is one lift that is clearly the best or clearly inappropriate. In other situations a patient will have a choice. If the need is for just a bit of tightening of the breast envelope, a slight vertical elevation of the nipple, a reduction in the size of the areola, a desire to make an oval areola round, or improve the shape of a pointy breast, we will suggest the donut lift. If the nipple needs to be elevated some but not a lot, if the breast is lax in the horizontal dimension but not long from the nipple to the bottom vertically, then we will suggest a vertical lift. For all other situations – and indeed most commonly – we suggest the anchor lift. Sometimes a patient will have a choice, and we will discuss the pros and cons of each option so that they can decide which would be better for them.


Is it possible to make the areola smaller during a breast lift in Colombia?
We routinely make the areola diameter smaller to maintain optimal proportions with the newly perky breast. It is possible for me to vary to the diameter of the areola depending on patient preference.


Is it possible during a breast lift in Colombia to improve breast symmetry in both size and shape?
Improved symmetry is a goal for all of our breast lift patients.


Will I lose sensitivity in my breasts after a breast lift in Colombia?
While a lift usually does not decrease sensation, that is a well-recognized risk of the procedure. Patients must accept that as a potential side effect. But on the other hand, since sexual sensation is very psychological, a woman that feels more comfortable with her breasts, or a sexual partner who acts more interested, can result in women reporting an increase in breast sensation after a breast lift. However there is no anatomic basis that would suggest that this should occur.


Will a breast lift in Colombia help with any neck or shoulder pain?
Traditionally we say that pain can only be alleviated by a reduction of breast weight by removing breast tissue. But studies have shown that merely elevating the breast by tightening the skin envelope results in a reduced need for pulling up on a bra strap to elevate the breasts. In some situations this can reduce neck and shoulder pain.


Will my nipple be removed when the breast lift in Colombia is performed?
Never! Everyone asks that question, and a nipple is not removed with a breast lift.


Will my breast be much smaller after the lift?
Only skin is removed. The skin is of an inconsequential volume. Your breasts will be of the same size but located higher on the chest. Because there is less droopiness, sometimes it is perceived to be smaller. And because the breasts are higher with more upper fill, sometimes the breasts are perceived to be bigger. But the volume of the breasts is simply not changed with a breast lift.


Are the results of a breast lift in Colombia permanent?
The elevation of the nipple is usually permanent and they rarely need to be lifted again. But gravity can cause the weight of the breast to stretch of the lower part of the breast.


For how many years does a breast lift in Colombia last?
There is no time that a revision is required. The breast will always look better than if it did not have a lift. But gravity will act and the breast will descend with time. The heavier the breast and the thinner the skin the more this will happen. Some people have revisions to retighten the breast, but most do not. Weight gains, losses, and pregnancy can cause breasts to drop depending on how much larger and emptier the breasts become.


Should I be afraid that my breasts could look round and fake after a breast lift in Colombia?
Depending upon your perspective, it is either a good or a bad thing that breast lifts will almost never create a high, round, or fake looking breast. The breasts will be higher and rounder, but they never look round as can be seen after a breast augmentation.


Can I breast feed after a breast lift in Colombia?
All breast lift procedures we perform do not cut the milk ducts, so theoretically there should be no loss of the ability to nurse. Yet this must be acknowledged as a risk of surgery.


Should I wait to have a breast lift until after having children?
For young adults who are bothered by particularly droopy breasts, it may be beneficial to have a breast lift before pregnancy. In more subtle cases of breast droopiness, it’s reasonable to wait until after children to have a breast lift.


Will I ever need a breast lift again?
The breast lift is usually performed once in a lifetime. Just like all parts of our
bodies, however, the breast will continue to age. The breast will always look better than if the lift were never performed at all. It is possible to perform the breast lift again in future years if the patient desires a perkier shape.


If I gain weight after a breast lift in Colombia will my breasts get big and or sag again?
A weight gain can cause the breasts to sag or droop over time due to the increase in breast weight. But weight loss has a greater tendency to make a breast look loose and empty.


Don’t I need to get implants to get a good shape from a breast lift?
Many patients come to Premium Care Plastic Surgery with advice from other doctors that they need to have a breast implant to get a good shape with a breast lift. While an implant will often create a rounder and perkier breast, it invariably makes a breast larger. That is only something to do if you specifically know that you want to be larger. In any case, a properly done lift will give a great shape in most circumstances; an implant is rarely required to create a good shape.


Can I get breast implants at the same time as my breast lift in Colombia?
If you have decided that you want implants, it is a big decision whether to do it at the time of the lift or at a second stage. This is a controversial subject and it requires one-on-one discussion. In general, there is only one possible reason to do it in one stage: convenience. But a host of other reasons suggest better results if done in two stages: it is safer; a more complete lift can be done; people needing lifts often have asymmetries of volume and droopiness, and this can be more accurately fixed in two stages. Despite that, many patients accept those trade-offs and decide to do it in one stage.


How do I decide if I should get breast implants with my breast lift?
The only reason to get breast implants is to be bigger. It should not be done because you perceive your result will be rounder or perkier. In fact, though an implant can make a breast rounder and perkier in the short term, the additional weight will only make the breast droop more in the future.


How will you decide if I should get breast implants at the time of my breast lift?
Our plastic surgeons will suggest it be done in one stage only if there is relatively good symmetry to start out, your tissue is not very thin, and you are not very droopy. But better results are achieved if the breast tissue has really dropped low, there is a lot of asymmetry, or if the breast tissue is very thin.


Can I get regular mammograms after a breast lift?
A breast lift affects neither the ability nor the need for a mammogram. You should consider with breast self-exam and mammograms the same after a breast lift as if you never had one.


Does insurance cover breast lifts?
A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure. Insurance only covers “medically necessary” procedures and therefore insurance will not pay for a breast lift. The only exceptions are cases in which there is a congenital or developmental asymmetry, or to treat the non-cancer breast after a mastectomy in order to create symmetry.


What form of anesthesia will be used for my procedure?
General anesthesia is the most common form of anesthesia for a breast lift, though local or IV sedation is a viable alternative in many situations.


What should I bring with me the day of surgery?
You will be given complete instructions for this prior to your surgery. Just wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing that buttons or zips in the front. Bring any medications that you take.


How painful is the recovery?
A breast lift is not a very painful procedure. There is some tightness and soreness, but it builds gradually and is easily managed with medications. Of all the procedures we do in plastic surgery, the pain and recovery from a breast lift is among the easiest.


How soon can I go to work?
When you will feel ready to do your job is highly individualized. So long as your work doesn’t involve straining and heavy lifting, you can expect to be back to work after three or four days. Some people go back even sooner, and many work from home the next day.


When can I drive?
You can drive when you are off of all narcotic pain medication and feel totally unrestricted by your discomfort such that you could make any movement you might need to safely drive your car.


When can I travel by airplane?
There is nothing about being in an airplane that poses a risk for breast lift patients. It is just important to give yourself a few days to heal. Moreover, it is important that you be somewhere where you can see a doctor if you need to have your incision looked at. But in general, patients will start travelling after five days or so, so long as they are going somewhere where there will be a plastic surgeon.


When can I resume exercise?
We suggest you wait 3 weeks. I want to be sure that everything is healed. There is always a chance of causing bleeding if you start much before that time. When you start, listen to your body. You will be a little out of condition and a bit sore. But you will get back to where you were before surgery very quickly.


What is considered to be exercise?
Elevating your heart rate or blood pressure, breathing hard, or straining or sweating. But light walking is beneficial starting the day of surgery.


When can I lift my child?
You can lift a cooperative child that is up to 20 pounds right away. But don’t try to pick up your child if he or she is fighting you or if you have to bend way over a playpen. If you have a larger child, we request you wait for three weeks to pick up any significant weight.


When can I drink alcohol?
A small amount of alcohol will not interfere with your recovery.


When can I smoke cigarettes?
We would like to say never, since they are bad for you. Smoking does slow down healing, and it would be best to avoid them for three weeks.


When can I be in the sun?
It is okay to go out in the sun within days after surgery, provided that the incision is protected by something that will totally block the sun, and it is a good idea to keep the incision totally blocked form sun for a year or so.


When can I shower/take a bath?
You should shower the day after your surgery. Your incision can get wet, but don’t rub it. Soap your breasts and let warm water hit them.


What will my post-operative appointment schedule be like?
There are no drains or stitches to be removed after a breast lift, so there are really no compulsory visits or times at which something in particular must be done. Our plastic surgeons want to see everyone the day after surgery to assure ourselves that everything is okay. We offer patients frequent visits thereafter, usually at one week, one month, six months, one year, and yearly thereafter. But some patients will come more frequently, some less frequently. Some people have little questions they want answered, and other people feel fine on their own. Our staff is always available by telephone for more minor issues. Our doctors are always available for a patient who wants to come in.


Is there swelling and if so, how long does it last?
Swelling increases after surgery, usually peaking about 5-6 days after surgery. After that, the swelling will subside, rapidly at first, and then gradually. After one month, you’ll think the swelling is gone, but it will still go down more at three months, and even more at six months and even a year, though at that point changes are subtle.


Is there bruising and if so, how long does it last?
Bruising can occur, but it usually resolves after about ten days from the time of surgery.


Will I have a special bra or garment to wear after surgery? How long will I have to wear it?
Usually a soft and supportive bra is given to you by Premium Care Plastic Surgery after surgery. During the first few days, it is normal to have a little bit of blood-tinged drainage through the incision. Instead of soiling your own bras, use the one provided to you. But you can switch to any other bra you want when you feel like it. It is best to wear a bra and sleep in one for the first month after surgery. After that you can return to your usual habits.


When can I wear an underwire bra?
You can wear an underwire bra right away so long as the wire is not irritating you. In fact, that goes for any bra: don’t wear one that is irritating.


Can’t I go without a bra after I have a breast lift?
Breasts droop because gravity pulls them down. The more you wear a bra the more they will stay up.
People who have drooped once have proven that they have this tendency, so it makes sense to wear a bra most of the time after having a lift.


Can you make me perky enough so that I won’t have to wear a bra again?
It is still generally wise to wear a bra in order to prevent gravity from dragging them down. Smaller breasts with good skin can often be made perky enough to look great without a bra. But larger, looser breasts with thin skin often will stretch a bit with time and may need a bra to make them look perky.


What do I have to do to care for the incision?
Your incision will be covered with little tapes called steri-strips. You can get them wet and blot the breast dry. They will start to peel off at about a week. See below for advice on scar management.


When do the stitches need to be removed?
Most of the time dissolvable sutures are used for a breast lift, so you do not need to have sutures removed.


What should I do to prevent scarring?
The bottom line is that the fate of your scar is mostly determined by your own genetics and by the surgery itself. It is not clear the extent to which putting things on scars will influence their final appearance. However, most patients want to do something. There has never been a direct comparison between the various products. Patient feedback has been the most positive from three sorts of things: Scar Guard, which is a liquid containing steroid, Vitamin E, and silicone that you brush on like nail polish; Silicone gel strips (such as Neosporin scar strips); and silicone ointment (such as Scar Fade.) You can get these from the office or the pharmacy, and you can start putting them on once the glue or the steri strip is off, following the instructions on the packaging.


What do I need to watch out for?
A sudden increase in pain, firmness, or swelling after surgery can mean that there is bleeding. This requires immediately contacting the office. A dark blue or very pale areola and nipple could be a sign of poor circulation and the office should also be immediately contacted. Redness or drainage may be a sign of infection. But this operation has a relatively low complication rate and patients typically enjoy an easy recovery.


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